Join our Sangha on Miami Beach!

Private Yoga - Training - Stretching

With regular practice you will be able to improve your posture, mind and body connection, body awareness, muscle tone and you will feel more energized. With my guidance you will be able to find your way of exercising that fits your lifestyle and physical conditions. Improve the quality of your life!

Long term health and fitness benefits of regular physical activity:

  • muscular strength and endurance                                          
  • flexibility and functional independence                            
  • improved cardiorespiratory function                                
  • reduced risk of major health problems

          (manage high blood pressure, cholesterol level, heart rate, prevent osteoporosis, reduce stress..)

build muscles

gain flexibiliy

lose weight

-     get stronger

-     tone up

-     gain energy

Achieve your goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle with motivation and support!

Improve your health and fitness level and the quality of your life by becoming more active.

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